About Mundo Crudo

The brand «Mundo Crudo» was founded in 2009 by Nelson Ochoa Velez (hereinafter referred to as Nelson) in Comuna 13, a neighborhood in Medellín. At the time, Nelson decided to name the brand "MedellínCity" because it was mainly about producing and selling clothing and accessories that allude to the city of Medellín.

In 2015 the name was changed to «Mundo Crudo», which literally means «Rough / Hard World». Nelson recognized the enormous potential of the city of Medellín early on. Through his art and the resulting clothing, Nelson wants to show real life in Medellín in all its social, cultural, political and religious contrasts and facets. Nelson made the decision to change the name because he doesn't just want to focus on the city of Medellín, but wants to take his art all over the world.

The brand "Mundo Crudo" produces a wide variety of clothing and accessories in Comuna 13 in Medellín. The production of the garments and accessories is made from local and national raw materials, which lead to the label "Made in Colombia". All designs were personally made by Nelson.

By selling the "Mundo Crudo" brand, we want to help generate more orders, work and jobs in the manufacturing factories in Comuna 13, Medellín.

Colombia is more than cocaine, plastic surgery and violence; We believe in revolution through art as a means of communication.